EcoWater ECR 3500 Series Water Softener

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EcoWater ERR 3500 R20/R30

Highly recommended for both municipal and well water supplies, the EcoWater ECR 3500 Series Water Softener is offered in both single- and double-tank varieties. There are 5 varieties of the ECR 3500 Series altogether, ranging from capacities of 20 000 grains (the ECR 3500 R20 model) to 71 500 (the R70 model).

To determine the model that is right for you, bring in a sample of your untreated water to either of our locations for testing (at no charge!).

Features of the ECR 3500 Series Conditioners:

  • EcoWater ECR 3500 Series Water SoftenerExclusive remote monitor with HydroLink® communications technology provides a portable and convenient way to monitor the product performance and water usage.
  • Eco-friendly water system regenerates only as needed.
  • Tank light illuminates the salt tank.
  • Patented remote diagnostic system (EASE™) means your EcoWater dealer can diagnose the system from a remote location.
  • 68 hour power back up.
  • System automatically adjusts settings when used with potassium chloride or if iron is present in the water.
  • Features a 1″ valve for plumbing up to 1-1/2″.
  • 24-Volt Transformer
  • Certified for the removal of barium and radium.

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