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Here at Waterelated, we carry Sprite brand shower filters. They began in 1974 manufacturing electronics, water instruments, drinking water filters and filtration accessories. In 1987 they introduced the first non-carbon shower filter called the ShowerMite, and since then have introduced more than 20 different shower filter models.

Today, Sprite is the premier authority in shower filtration technology. They have filters to fit almost any bathing application, from universal shower filters that fit any shower head to filtered (and massaging!) shower heads and even filters for hose showers!

They also have bath salts, and a uni que product called the Bath Ball that attaches to the tub spout to condition the water for a luxurious bath.

Waterelated Sprite Hi-Output Shower Filter Main
Waterelated Sprite Shower Filters
Waterelated Sprite Hi-Output Shower Filter

Sprite Hi-Output Shower Filter

  • High-capacity reversible filter cartridge
  • Rated for 20 000 gallons or 1 year – whichever comes first
  • Installs between shower-arm and shower head
  • Universal – fits any shower head
  • Shower head optional

Sprite Slim-Line Shower Filter

  • Popular low-profile shower filter; reduces shower head extension
  • Rated for 10 000 gallons or 6 months – whichever comes first
  • Installs between shower-arm and shower head
  • Universal – fits any shower head
  • Available in white and chrome finishes

Waterelated Sprite Slim-Line Shower Filter
Waterelated Sprite Baby Shower

Sprite Baby Shower

  • Provides clean and healthy water for baby’s sensitive young skin
  • Small handle with gentle spray, ideal for infants and children alike
  • Attaches to kitchen faucet or existing shower arm
  • Small shower handle with quick disconnect filter housing
  • Faucet adapter, stainless steel hose
  • Hose bracket included
  • Reversible replacement filter life – 3 months or 5,000 gallons – whichever comes first

Sprite Mediterranean Blue Dechlorinating Bath Salts

  • Easy-pour container
  • No installation required
  • Unscented bath salts for a chlorine-free bath
  • Can be used alone or with any other bath salt product
  • Exclusively with Crystal-Chlorgon to reduce chlorine exposure while bathing
  • Approx. 25 baths (40oz)
Waterelated Sprite Meditarranean Bath Salts

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