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Water Filter Systems

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Water Filtration Systems

When it comes to options for water filtration, there are lots of choices. From under-counter and counter-top varieties to filters for sediment and chlorine taste and odour to options specifically designed for lake, well, or problem water applications, we have them all.

For water purification, please see Reverse Osmosis Systems or Water Distillers.

Over-counter water filtration systems

For those with limited under-counter space, over-counter (or counter-top) filtration systems are available. The most popular is a single- or double-housing unit that attaches to your kitchen tap with a specially-designed faucet adapter.

With these systems, you can choose from a vast selection of standard-sized water filters to filter out what you want.

Any of our water filtration systems can be combined with others or with UV filtration to make sure that your water is bacteria-free and safe for consumption.

Under-counter water filtration systems

Under-counter systems are available in both branded and build-your-own varieties. The branded systems we carry include those from EcoWater3M Aqua-PureQuantumEverpure, and SemperClear.

For those with specific needs, the option exists to build your own systems. You can choose from single-, double-, triple-housing units, and choose from a variety of standard-sized water filters. Aside from the generic kind, we also carry those from KX Industries (Matrikx), Pentek, ValuTrex, Hytrex, and many more, so that you can choose the option that’s right for you.

EcoWater EPS 1000 Microbiological Filtration Drinking Water SystemOur most popular water filtration unit is the EcoWater EPS 1000 Microbiological Drinking Water System – the only water filter system on the market that is certified to reduce bacteria, viruses, cysts – and pharmaceuticals.

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